Golden Chicken Bites: Choosing the best for your family

Golden Chicken Bites: Choosing the best for your family Image

It can feel like you're balancing a tightrope when giving your family nutritious food options that appeal to young, picky taste buds. While it may be a stretch to call golden chicken bites, we can tell you what makes a great chicken bite.
This blog will cover what to look for in chicken bites and their nutritional value. We'll also show you how Hardee's golden chicken bites are the best for your family.

Selecting Best Chicken Bites

First and foremost, how can you know if the box of chicken bites you're holding (or considering online) are nutritious chicken bites? Are they the actual thing? Here's what you should consider when buying chicken bites

Exploring the Flavors 

We all know that chicken bites are processed, but here's the thing: they don't have to be overly so. They can be created with few ingredients and still taste fantastic. Yet, this is not true for all chicken bites fast food brands. Hence, what appears to be a box of chicken bites is sometimes a frightening, crazy brew of craziness.
Keep an eye out for stuff that doesn't belong, such as "natural flavors," which could come from anything. Seriously. "Natural flavors" refer to any flavor derived from spices, fruits, vegetables, yeast, herbs, eggs, dairy products, meat, or seafood. If you're rigorously following a plant-based diet, you should avoid goods that list "natural flavors."
Look for paprika, black pepper, Italian spice, garlic powder, onion powder, protein, and yeast extract in your chicken bites. You get the picture. Natural and recognizable ingredients indicate that you're getting a higher-quality chicken bite.

Oh, the Sodium, Fat, and Carbs!

Sodium, like many other ingredients in food, aids with shelf stability, even in the freezer aisle. So, while you might expect fast-food chicken bites to be high in sodium, some frozen chicken bites in the store can also be. 
They may also be heavy in fat and carbs, as sure as fried with saturated fat and cholesterol-rich oils.
While chicken bites are a high-protein option, they are not always a low-carb option. Panko breadcrumbs, for example, have more carbs than an almond flour breadcrumb mixture.
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Nutritional Value of Chicken Bites

The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) reports that heart disease is the top cause of death, closely followed by cancer. Although both of these diseases are genetic, research has consistently proven that what we consume can lead to heart disease, cancer, and other health concerns.

Let's go into some nutritional facts, shall we?

Most chicken bites in your grocery store have between 9 and 17 g of fat per 85-90 grams serving (approximately 6-10 bites). Some of this fat is saturated fat, which we know can harm heart health depending on the source.

Aside from fat, most chicken bites provide 40 mg of cholesterol and 350-470 mg of sodium per 85-90 grams meal. While the body needs both cholesterol & sodium to operate correctly, it recognizes that too much salt can cause high blood pressure. However, having too many harmful blood cholesterol levels (LDL) and not enough good cholesterol (HDL) leads to heart disease. 

How Hardees Golden Chicken Bites Made?

  • Remove the meat from the whole chicken.
  • Set aside the breast meat and place it in containers to make the golden chicken bites.
  • The containers of chicken breast meat are then taken to a blending room and ground up with seasonings.
  • A machine then molds the ground chicken meat into bites.
  • A coating of breading is then applied to the chicken bites, followed by another layer of thicker flour batter.
  • The bites are par-fried (partially cooked to be fully cooked later) and flash frozen.
  • They're then packaged and transported to Hardees to cook in deep fryers. Pair them with a sauce of choice. You can also add other add-ons like soft drinks or fries.
Health Benefits with our fried chicken bites. 
While chicken breast and many other parts of the chicken can provide numerous health benefits, consuming it in the form of fried chicken bites will provide additional benefits.
consuming it in the form of fried chicken bites will provide additional benefits.
  • Helps to Increase Muscle Mass
  • Bone Strengthening Supplements
  • Helps with Wound Healing
  • Reduces Protein Deficiency
  • Weight Loss Assistance
So, grab them to have the best nutrients for you and your kids.

Best Golden Chicken Bites for You and Your Family 

Is it, thus, possible to eat the best chicken bites? If you ask us, the answer is simple. You don't have to settle for ultra-processed chicken bites with substances you can't pronounce, and you don't have to use pots and pans if you don't want to.
Best chicken bites are now available at Hardee's. Of course, we can say we have the best chicken bites, but we'll let you decide. Our golden chicken bites are created with the best ingredients so that you can feel good about your family dinner (and snack time). Simply put, it is in your cart if you are ordering online, or you can take away or dine in from the nearest Hardees. You can also download Hardees from the best chicken deals for your family.

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