The Perfect Way to Stack Up Your Burger Toppings

The Perfect Way to Stack Up Your Burger Toppings Image

What makes a Super Star Burger the best of an ordinary burger? Quality beef and toasted seeded buns are important, but the entire meal becomes a masterpiece when the superstar burger toppings blend.
However, some ingredients contribute more to a burger than others. For example, consider this: What would they be if you could only have three Super Star Burger Toppings?
As difficult as it may be to imagine a world without loaded-up super star burgers, the simplest toppings are sometimes the finest, while others are useless fillers. As a result, we listed some of the most popular superstar burger toppings so you may know what to put on top of your flame-kissed patties this holiday season with Hardees.


Super Star Burger Buns

Not all buns are the same. Too soft, and it will crumble; too hard, it will fall out.
Soft patties composed of beef pair well with soft buns. Try seeded buns to have the best beef burger. Toast the cut side of your bun in a hot, dry skillet or beneath a grill. It adds crispness while preventing the bun from becoming soggy from sauces and fluids. If you like a crunchier burger, toast both sides. However, avoid over-toasting as this can make the bun too dry and hard.

Super Star Burger Patties

The show's main attraction! Whether red beef, chicken, or fish, quality ingredients will make your burger shine.
Super Star Burger uses high-fat content beef for the greatest beef patties. Higher fat content results in a juicier burger that tenderizes itself while cooking from the inside out. It is not overworked. It just mixes until the ingredients are thoroughly blended.
Patties are larger than the buns; they will shrink slightly once baked. Place on a tray & cover to keep cool. Chill your patties while you prepare the rest of your seasonings. Refrigerate for 15 minutes before cooking. While your patties are cooking, start stacking up your superstar burger toppings. 


Nobody is surprised that the best superstar burger topping is cheese. The yellow square of milk in the case of American cheese. Do you want cheese on your burger? Yes, it should always be the answer.


Onions are a fantastic and adaptable burger topper. They offer a fiery and much-needed kick to the oiliness of the meat patties, cheese, and jalapeño, both chopped and uncooked. Along with the stronger garlic cloves, caramelized onions add a delicious richness. Yet, fried onion rings never disappoint and appear to be an unavoidable addition to Super Star Burgers.
Onions do it all and deserve to be recognized as one of the best Super Star Burger toppings.

Super Star Burger Sauces

If we listed every sauce or condiment that regularly appears on toasted buns, this list would be far too big, so we've grouped them all in their category. Sure, some sauces will do better than others—ketchup appears to be a must, and a garlic mayo sauce is always a winner. However, even the most unappealing sauces (who puts relish on their burgers?) offer moisture and taste. They bind everything together; some are hot, some are decadent, and some are typical ketchup, mustard, and mayonnaise mixtures. Sauces had to be relatively high on this list because the concept of a dry burger with dry buns is so unpleasant. We can live without anything on the lower rungs, but sauces are difficult to avoid.
Still, not all sauces are made equal, so in the interest of completeness—and possibly because Inception was on last night—here is a ranking of fundamental burger sauces, from best to worst.
  • 1. Tomato Ketchup
  • 2. Dijon mustard sauce 
  • 3. The Thousand Islands
  • 4. Mayonnaise and its delectable offshoots
  • 5. Ranch
  • 6. Enjoy
  • 7. Honey Mustard Sauce 
  • 8. BBQ Sauce 
  • 9. Ranch Sauce 
You can add them to your superstar burger toppings the way you like and enjoy the best beef burger. 


Pickles are considered a special ingredient. The juice is fantastic as a shot chaser or in martinis with olive brine, the spears are some of the tastiest salty nibbles ever. Besides, a classic beef burger feels missing without slices of pickles cuddled under a cheese blanket like Hardees Burger. Considering the enormous range of other pickled foods that might go fantastic on burgers, such as dill, it's easy to see why pickles are the best in this Super Star Burger topping ranking. Pickle acid breaks through the heaviness of beef and cheese. I can't think of a beef burger without them, do you?


A tip: request chopped jalapenos on your Hardee's Super Star Beef Burger. The result is fantastic; the acidity and spice cut thru the heaviness of a cheesy burger, leaving you eager to dive into your next bite.


Lettuce isn't an appealing burger topping because it essentially tastes like water. The texture of lettuce is important; if it's fresh and crunchy, add those leaves. Unlike tomatoes, poor lettuce isn't the most egregious blight on a burger—it's rather inconspicuous and may blend in with the flavors of cooked meat and ketchup. Good lettuce can make the superstar burger feel healthier and look nicer with all the extra lush greens. Overall, it's among mild superstar burger toppings.


Tomatoes are delicious on burgers—if you have a good tomato. They're light and refreshing at their best, and they work especially well with mayo & crunchy lettuce like Hardee's use in their burgers. At worst, they're too soft, resembling a mealy wet cloth towel, and detract from the burger. A bad, watery tomato can ruin what could be a terrific burger. Unfortunately, they're ranked so low.


For a good reason, mushrooms aren't as popular as a superstar beef burger topping. So what value do mushrooms provide to a burger gathering? They are pliable. They occasionally added in a burger. Mushroom are add-ons and depends upon your preference.   
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